Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally! It's Friday!!!

Good Morning!

I've done my "Swish About" and am about to go and do my Bible Study time. I do so love getting into the scriptures, reading and searching.

After my study time, I think I'll have a "Fling Boogie". So much fun! Then I have a chore to do on the computer, it's time to eliminate all those bookmarks that I've put in that I planned to come back later and read but haven't. Funny how clutter can gather everywhere, even in your computer!

My day will officially began at 8:30 am when I go pick up my co-worker and head to our first appointment. I thank God I have a job in this economy when so many do not.

I was thinking this morning as I swished, about how I could begin to get the master bedroom more like my living room. My living room was redone last year, we took out the carpet and put in hardwood floors everywhere except the bedrooms. I really wish we'd put hardwood in there as well. I love the ease of keeping the hardwoods clean, and the not so nice smell of old carpet being gone.

I cleared the entire room when we did the install and when I put things back I did it with a firm and slow hand. If I didn't love it, if it didn't have a specific function, it didn't go back into the room. For me, it would be considered bare. I love it. No cluttered table tops, no dust catchers. Now all that stuff is in boxes in the basement. I feel a yard sale coming on!

I looked around my bedroom and brother there is quite alot of clutter, aka: stuff, in there that wouldn't come back in should it ever get moved out.

Hummmm.....there's an idea. Maybe I should pretend that I'm putting in hardwood, take it all out and reload the room like I did the living room. Yes! That's it! Okay....I have a plan for tomorrow....I think I'll call it, "Serious Saturday"!

Well, I have my weekend planned! I hope yours is a wonderful one.

Now go out and make this day yours!


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