Monday, July 7, 2008

My Aunt passed away this morning at 8:20 am. My mom just called and told me.

Even though our extended family is a large one, my Dad is one of 10 and my Mom is also one of 10, we are fairly close. More on my Mom's side than my Dad's. That is different from when I was a child. As we've all grown up, we've grown apart. Sad.

Aunt Lurline has been ill for so long, bless her heart she's had a rough time. She is a survivor of breast cancer, diabetes, liver disease and now kidney failure brought on by the liver disease.

She raised a daughter and son but was not blessed with any grandchildren. Her husband was badly injured at work in an accident and never quite recovered from that, dying from cancer a few years later.

Aunt Lurline was my Mom's older sister. They were very close. She was "big sister" and was sort of the "boss" of the family, you know? The one that did it all. And I loved her very much. But I'm sorry to admit that I never told her that. Why didn't I? Now, it's too late.

She helped to make my wedding special as my parents couldn't afford a "big" wedding, but it was truly beautiful. Aunt Lurline came and catered the reception, helped me pick out flowers that were reasonable and beautiful in January, and gave me my cousin's wedding dress (her marriage ended in divorce and she didn't even want to think about that dress), and then directed the whole wedding.

Well, now, my Mom has the big sister job and it is a tough one. She has a brother that is in LaFayette Nursing Home in Fayetteville, he had a really bad stroke several years ago and now Mom has watch care over him and I help her with that, my MaMaw (her mother) lives at Christian City in the independent living apartments, but she is in the early stages of dementia and sees, hears stuff and wigs out fairly regularly now days. Then there is my brother living at home again and of course my Dad to take care of. Mom also works with me during the week. She is burning the candle at both ends and I'm worried about her. She's gone now to tell Uncle Tommy and MaMaw about Lurline. They knew it was coming, but that isn't something you tell someone on the phone.

Mom is taking Lurline's passing fairly hard. I dare say that Aunt Lurline was Mom's best friend.
So, I covet your prayers and good thoughts during this time of sorrow in our family.