Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Every November it comes;
Same old holiday as the years before.
Turkey and dressing, the usual meal with fixins;
getting to Mom’s house on time is most often the real chore.
Finally gathered round the family table, little ones at their table to the side;
The turkey in the center, even bigger than the year before.
Daddy stands, with carving knife and fork in hand;
we all get quiet thinking it’s about to begin.
Daddy opens his mouth we think to say, “Let us pray”;
we are surprised to hear him ask,
“Beloved, what are you really thankful for today?
Is it your cars, your homes, or even this food?
Maybe it is your boat, your camper, or your motorcycle you’d say.
Think long and hard children, before you answer;
what would happen if someone came and took these things away?
We live in a country, free and true.
a country that men and women have died keeping free for me and you.
So, before we feast on this bounty before us;
Let us remember those that gave all;
but especially remember the one that gave the most for the least,
His name is Jesus.”

Monday, November 24, 2008

Is it in You? I just love this!!!!

This one will make you think......

A friend from a delphi forum sent me this link......I LOVE it! I hope you will too. Be sure to read the article with the video too. Wonderful!