Friday, July 22, 2011

Bittersweet Memories...........

I've been seeing the signs but this time, I don't have a "school" child.

No Back to school angst, the supplies list from your school, back to school clothes sales at Wally World, Old Navy and other stores.

Honestly.... I miss it. The hustle to get the good binder before they are all picked over. Trying to find enough notebook paper to last the year, rushing to the store as soon as the Fall clothes are on the racks. And oh my, last but most certainly not least, the mad dash to the shoe store to get that certain pair of shoes that "everyone will be wearing now!"

Do I miss the expense? No. The tears of frustration when they are told, "That isn't in our budget"? No. The "I know I have a perfectly good binder but it's from LAST YEAR!"? No.

What do I miss you ask? Well, I'll miss the excitement of that first day. Dragging out of bed and then remembering that it's back to school and we'll see our friends. The rush through breakfast to get dressed in that special first day back outfit that we switched out 15 times before bedtime. I'll miss the good-bye kisses and have a good day hugs as they walk out the door. That's what I'll miss.

Oh yes, I have one chick in the nest still and she will be going to school, in September. But it just won't be the same.

You know....I need some scrapbooking supplies....yeah....I do! I just might go to the store and get right in the middle of the hub-bub!

But this time.....I'll be watching, listening and remembering when. Then I'll come home and tackle those scrapbook pages that I've been meaning to get done.