Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get More Rewards from Your Reward Card Memberships!

You're standing at the cash register and the cashier asks if you have an AnyStore Reward Card.  Oh yes, you say as you begin to dig in your wallet searching for the card.  You can hear the shuffling behind you as the other waiting customers begin to become impatient.  In the end, you just can't find it and you give up.  

Sound familiar?  I've been there many times and I am sure you have as well.  

Last night I was doing a little blog surfing.  I have so many that I enjoy reading but my favorites are the ones that offer organizing tips.  I saw a link on one of my favorites that had back at the first of the year, a Link Party.  The subject was "What does The Contents of Your Purse say about you?"  There was a link to a fun little survey that you answered questions and the survey then told you things about yourself.  I took it.   Fun, but no great revelations there.  

The list of bloggers that responded with photos of their handbags and the contents was very interesting.  I found one "helpful hint" that spoke to my heart!!

Putting your reward cards on a key ring!  I'm not talking about the little bitty ones that they sometimes give for just that purpose, I'm talking about the regular sized ones.  They are the size of your debit cards or driver's license and are among the most commonly searched for things in our handbags!  

This morning I got my 3 hole punch out, found a medium sized key ring and 8 punches later I was mounting the cards on my ring and loving the results!!

They now are resting in the side pocket of my wallet with the ring up for easy access.  No more searching frantically for the right card to get my savings, no more lost money!  Another benefit will be that often stores will send you coupons when you use their reward cards, ca-ching!

Now for the how to, I know it is fairly self explanatory, but I found that the hand held punch didn't work for me as it was very hard to punch through on the first card I chose to do.  So I grabbed my 3 hole punch, lined up the card at the edge and when I was finished all the holes lined up (this appealed to my sense of order) 

You can see the finished product in the photo above.  I LOVE ideas like this!

Here are the links to the original brilliant lady that came up with it or at least passed it on.

Good luck with your version!

Blessings~  Kat