Wednesday, June 27, 2012


[kluht-er]  verb
1. to fill or litter with things in a disorderly manner: All kinds of papers cluttered the top of his desk.

2.  a disorderly heap or assemblage; litter: It's impossible to find anything in all this clutter.
3.  a state or condition of confusion.
The picture above is a truly cluttered mess, but it isn't the all inclusive definition of clutter.  You can have clutter coming into your home in a way that you probably haven't thought of.  

Think of your brain as a home. It brain is divided into several different areas called lobes:
• The frontal lobes are responsible for problem solving and judgment and motor function.
• The parietal lobes manage sensation, handwriting, and body position.
• The temporal lobes are involved with memory and hearing.
• The occipital lobes contain the brain's visual processing system.

The brain is an amazing thing.  Like the oceans here on Earth and Outer Space, it is a mysterious thing, with many areas that are as yet uncharted.  As amazing as it is, the Brain is very easily damaged with outside influences.  Drugs, diet and ........ outside clutter.

Say what?  Outside clutter?  What is that you ask?  The television, computer (yep, even though I am actually using one right this minute) and last but not least, certain types of books and magazines.  There used to be a TV commercial about getting a good education, the slogan was "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."  How true that statement is! 

The whole reason for this addition to my blog is a commercial I saw today while watching a favorite TV show.  We have a cable with a DVR box.  That way we don't have to watch commercials as a rule.  I decided while this group of commercials were running was a good time to grab a refill of coffee.  The commercial was advertising several TV reality shows called "Real Housewives of "you fill in the blank here".  Showing the upcoming shows and such. 

I honestly have only watched one episode of the one that is filmed here in our state.  I was unimpressed.  I only watched out of curiosity because I'd heard so much about it.  Again, I was totally unimpressed.  Those actors are NOT housewives.  They are actors, pretending to be "real" my humble opinion! 

The ridiculous stuff going on on those shows is the stuff that nightmares are made of.  Grown so called ladies brawling like barmaids, hair pulling and oh man the foul language!  So many beep outs of words it sounds like Morse Code! 

That kind of television = CLUTTER of the mind. 

So, what were you watching on that DVR, you ask?  That Girl.  A situation comedy from the 1960's.  Good Clean TV.  No fighting, no cursing, no sex (implied or enacted).  Totally entertaining and fluff but at least at the end of it I don't feel the intense desire to go and wash out my ears with lye soap!

My Mother always said, "What you put in your head, comes out in your actions".  You know .....?
She was right.

Now, go and watch an episode of I Love Lucy or if you crave action, Adam 12. 


Friday, June 15, 2012

Text Book Christians

What you see here is a Text Book Christian.  The man speaking to a brother biker is my husband, Doug.  He is our Chaplain in our CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) Chapter, The Blessed Riders.

Doug is known in our circles as the one that has good things in his vest.  He often hides treats in his vest pockets and gets alot of ribbing about it.  It isn't uncommon for a fellow chapter member to "pat him down" to see what he is "holding".  It is quite amusing to us all and especially to Doug. 

There is also another thing you will always find in Doug's vest.  The Holy Bible, his text Book.  It has all the plans, plays and history you could ever ask for.  It has seen him through prison visits, motorcycle rallies and fellowship rides.  It has been his most valuable tool ever.  Not only is The Holy Bible Doug's favorite tool, it's mine as well. 

I use this text book everyday the Lord Blesses me with, it is my go to guide in any situation.  The answers are always there. 

This blog is not a religious one, it is not one I intend to use to preach or convert anyone.  It is however, one that I use to describe how I am able to do what I do.  That said, on with it.

Today is a good day to organize!  I think I will start with my dining room.  There are dishes all over, in drawers, in china cabinets, on top of said cabinets and even sitting underneath!  Today is the day I go through all of it and purge the unwanted. 

Remember the rule:  If you don't love it, it's gone.  If you don't use it, gone.  If it is seasonal, you have to love it enough to give it the valuable real estate this is your home. 

Dishes aren't the only thing in that dining room, there are linens such as table clothes with matching napkins.  Those will get the treatment today as well.  Giving them a good going over to check for staining, tears and such as that. 

Today will be a good day! 

Now go out and make this day yours, for His Glory!

Blessings~ Kat

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good morning! Question of the day: " Does anybody really know what time it is.....does anybody really care? " Chicago

Time, an equalizer. Time will settle most any argument, answer most any question and slip away quicker than a 2 year old who's hand you get go of for a second in Walmart. (Don't ask how I know this....)

This could go in so very many directions, from political to religion, but I am going down the middle path.

This past week our middle daughter was married, the planning began in December of last year. It seemed to be so far away, the date of the deed. But, when May 1st arrived we realized that the clock was ticking and there were a thousand things to do, plan and arrange! We began to get slightly panicky, worrying about all those little details and then......June 1st arrived. We realized that it was upon us, the launch date so to speak.

 At this point time seemed to slow down to a snails pace. June 9, 2012 finally arrived, amid prayers of "please Father, keep the rain away till Sunday morning" and "oh please, let there be enough food because RSVP-ing seems to be a like the rotary phone, a thing of the past."

Yes there were little "fires" to put out, but all in all it was a perfect day with a simply beautiful ending.

Did we have enough time? No, but as I always try to remember, all ends well for those that love The Lord.

 Now, go out and make this day yours...and for His Glory!

Blessings - Kat