Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good morning! Question of the day: " Does anybody really know what time it is.....does anybody really care? " Chicago

Time, an equalizer. Time will settle most any argument, answer most any question and slip away quicker than a 2 year old who's hand you get go of for a second in Walmart. (Don't ask how I know this....)

This could go in so very many directions, from political to religion, but I am going down the middle path.

This past week our middle daughter was married, the planning began in December of last year. It seemed to be so far away, the date of the deed. But, when May 1st arrived we realized that the clock was ticking and there were a thousand things to do, plan and arrange! We began to get slightly panicky, worrying about all those little details and then......June 1st arrived. We realized that it was upon us, the launch date so to speak.

 At this point time seemed to slow down to a snails pace. June 9, 2012 finally arrived, amid prayers of "please Father, keep the rain away till Sunday morning" and "oh please, let there be enough food because RSVP-ing seems to be a like the rotary phone, a thing of the past."

Yes there were little "fires" to put out, but all in all it was a perfect day with a simply beautiful ending.

Did we have enough time? No, but as I always try to remember, all ends well for those that love The Lord.

 Now, go out and make this day yours...and for His Glory!

Blessings - Kat

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