Friday, June 15, 2012

Text Book Christians

What you see here is a Text Book Christian.  The man speaking to a brother biker is my husband, Doug.  He is our Chaplain in our CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) Chapter, The Blessed Riders.

Doug is known in our circles as the one that has good things in his vest.  He often hides treats in his vest pockets and gets alot of ribbing about it.  It isn't uncommon for a fellow chapter member to "pat him down" to see what he is "holding".  It is quite amusing to us all and especially to Doug. 

There is also another thing you will always find in Doug's vest.  The Holy Bible, his text Book.  It has all the plans, plays and history you could ever ask for.  It has seen him through prison visits, motorcycle rallies and fellowship rides.  It has been his most valuable tool ever.  Not only is The Holy Bible Doug's favorite tool, it's mine as well. 

I use this text book everyday the Lord Blesses me with, it is my go to guide in any situation.  The answers are always there. 

This blog is not a religious one, it is not one I intend to use to preach or convert anyone.  It is however, one that I use to describe how I am able to do what I do.  That said, on with it.

Today is a good day to organize!  I think I will start with my dining room.  There are dishes all over, in drawers, in china cabinets, on top of said cabinets and even sitting underneath!  Today is the day I go through all of it and purge the unwanted. 

Remember the rule:  If you don't love it, it's gone.  If you don't use it, gone.  If it is seasonal, you have to love it enough to give it the valuable real estate this is your home. 

Dishes aren't the only thing in that dining room, there are linens such as table clothes with matching napkins.  Those will get the treatment today as well.  Giving them a good going over to check for staining, tears and such as that. 

Today will be a good day! 

Now go out and make this day yours, for His Glory!

Blessings~ Kat


  1. Kathy and Doug Landers both are what being a Christian is all about............a light to the world!