Monday, June 21, 2010

Manic Monday Madness!

Monday. It is just a day of the week, nothing special. Unless......

How can you make Monday's less mad? Start it out right!

Declutter your mind. After a good night's sleep, you should (should I say!) awake refreshed and ready to begin the week. That however is in a "perfect world", which as we all know doesn't exist. So, I'm going to give you a recipe I use for rightness to begin your week on the right track.

First, the minute your eyes pop open and you slap the alarm clock to turn it off, sit up and throw those legs over the side of the bed, stretch and then have a little talk with your heavenly Father. Ask Him to help you put your feet on the right path for the day, keep your feet walking in the light and ask Him to come along with you on your walk today. Then, get up and get moving!

Get dressed (you really should have already selected your mode of dress for the day before going to bed last night, but that is another topic for another day) all the way down to your shoes. Yep, even if you are not leaving the house, get those shoes on. This will help you put your brain in gear. Now take care of those personal chores, what ever they might be.


Okay~ now go and make that bed. A made up bed sets the room right. Even if there is clutter all over, just making the bed will make it look cleaner and neater. It also tends to encourage you to finish the room!

Now get out of that bedroom and get to it! You should be in a ready to go mood by now. It works for me! Try it and see if it works for you.

One more thing...I don't listen to the "news" first thing in the morning. It is such a u downer! Oh but what about the things that happen that you should know about, you ask? Well, in my opinion, if it is earth shattering, I'll know cos I'll feel the vibrations, if it's isn't, I'll read about it when I sign on the internet. I like to get my "information" that way so I can pick and choose what I want to put into my mind. Challenge: go for one week, not listening the the morning news programs, instead listen to some good Third Day CDS or what ever music you perfer and see if you don't have a much better day. You can get all the bad news you want on the noon day news, should you want to hear it.

Now go out there and claim this day for yourself!


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