Monday, June 14, 2010

Everybody Up! It's "Fling Boogie" Time!

Okay! This is one of my very favorite activities when cleaning my home. I also us a modified version at my clients homes. I got this idea of the "Fling Boogie" from the FlyLady Website. I highly recommend it for a quick pick up for your home. It will give you immediate feedback.

Here is what you do:

A: Get a box, bag, small trash can or what ever you can carry in one hand. I use the plastic bags I get from stores and unless a messy item is involved I can use it again.
Gather your timer and set it for 15 minutes.

B: MUSIC! You need to put on some music that makes your toes tap, your feet move and you smile!

C: Pick a room.

D: Now start your timer and FLING! You are going to go into the chosen room and anything that can be TRASHED is going into the bag. This includes the trash basket, unless your in the kitchen and that tends to be biger job.
The items can include anything from used tissues to apple cores. Toss it in! Keep going until you have cleared the room of anything that can go into the trash or your time goes off.

E: Go to the door, turn and look and there you have it! Immediate gratification! You will see a major change in that room just by doing this small 15 minute job.

On the FlyLady site they call it the 27 Fling Boogie. That is because you are to toss up to 27 things. Me, I say push the limits! Go the distance! Sorry, I get excited when I do the Boogie......

I hope this tip is a help to any of my dear readers. Oh, and that music? My choice of playlist on my ipod is labeled, Christian Music to Boogie By.


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