Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fling Boogies and Grandkids: It's a Game Son!

Yesterday my daughter called me for help. She is a mother of three bio babies and 2 stepbabies, ages ranging from 12 down to 2 years. She and her husband both work, she works part time (cough, cough) and he works full. The coughing is because we all know that she works full time PLUS, but only gets paid for a fraction of it.

She called to tell me that the cable repair man would be arriving at her house at 4:00 pm, and could I go and be there as someone over 18 had to be on site. My daughter is fortunate in that her wonderful employer allows her to have her 2 year old son with her at work so the 12 and 9 year old were home "alone". Not really, they live just 300 feet from our house and we "keep an eye on them". They just think they are allowed to stay home alone.

I went to the house, a mere 2 minute walk if I'm taking my time and brother it is toooo hot in Georgia to go faster unless there is a fire or something, and let myself in the front door. The house was nice and cool, but OURCH! The kids had been having a wonderful time, playing computer games, having snacks and what ever their little hearts desired, but they had not completed their chores for the day. They had it figured that Mom wouldn't be home for at least 3 hours, StepDad wouldn't be home till shortly after Mom and their own Dad wasn't picking them up for their vacation visit for at least 2 hours, so they had plenty of time. HA! The joke was on them! Nana the tyrant was now in the house!

I walked around and took inventory so to speak. I asked my Granddaughter, heretofore known as "Tate", what their chore list had on it for the day. Grandson "Bran" says, "Oh, we just have to clean up the kitchen." look at that kitchen told me that they'd not even begun. So, I asked when they planned to get it done and they detailed their theory for me.

I gathered up two of the largest store plastic bags I could find and set the timer on the microwave for 15 minutes. The Grands watched me with the cutest puzzled looks upon their faces. I told them to come and stand in front of me and handed one bag to each of the two Grands. (The StepGrands were at their mother's home) Then I asked them had they ever heard of a game called "Fling it Boggie"? They hadn't, so I gave them the "rules of the game". I explained that they were to start at opposite corners of the room and when the timer was started they were to pick up trash and anything else that could be thrown away and put it into their bags. Then when they had completed that, they were to clear the counters, load the dishwasher and get it started, wipe down the counters and table and then sweep the floor. "All that in just 15 minutes?" they asked. "Yep, all that in 15 minutes!" I replied. "Should you finish before the timer goes off, you've beaten Father Time and won the title of "Champion Fling Boggier" for the week. But if the timer goes off before you finish, your penalty would be that you have to finish the job anyway."

To my surprise they were up for it. The timer was started and off they went. Now to be honest I did lend a small hand, not much as I've injured my shoulder and couldn't move my arm very well.

The best part? The looks of enjoyment on their faces as they raced around doing their chore and the looks of pride when they finished with 2 minutes to spare!

The moral of this looonggg story? With the kids of today and their fast paced lives, we parents have to be clever and on the ball. We have to remember that if something is fun or is a challenge, it is more enjoyable, even if it is work!

Now, go gather your supplies and do a "Fling Boggie" in the car....I know that it could use it! How do I know, because mine needs it too!


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  1. LOL...the games people play now...every night and every day now.
    I used to love that song.

    I grew up in Ga.(Columbus)(army brat) so I know how hot it can get. Add red clay and pine trees to that mix and I guess that's why I left...but I miss Ga so much.

    It'll be fun to follow this blog...thanks for sending me the link.