Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clutter of the mind = ?

Hello again!

I've been pondering again, it's a favorite past time for me. Clients often ask me the following questions: Why am I such a clutter bug? What makes me "save" things that in my heart I know I'll never use? What makes me not "see" the clutter building up around me? Why can't I keep "it" clean (this is always asked after a crisis cleaning) and not let it get that way again?

Frankly there are no simple answers to these questions. Many reasons for clutter exist. Every person is different and the reasons behind their actions fit them and no one else. So every client's situation is handled differently, thus my motto, "Cleaning tailored to fit your needs".

Today I'm going to mostly hit on the "Cluttered Mind" syndrome.

Life today is hectic, scattered and more often than not, filled with stress. By the end of the day we are for the most part wrung out like a dirty dishrag. Limp with fatigue both mental and physical.

I've found a wonderful solution to my end of the day blues. I listen to relaxation music on my ipod. I often fall into a light sleep to this music. It honestly helps me to work through the movie playing in my head of the day that I've just gone through. When I finish the relaxation process the days stresses, disappointments and issues seem to fall into a category of less importance. I realize that that which hasn't killed me will serve to make me stronger and my mind has become less cluttered.

That is where most clutter begins, in our minds. If our thoughts are scattered and unorganized, then it will show in our surroundings. Our cars, homes, job sites all will be affected by our cluttered minds.

Try this exercise, if you have an Ipod go to the "Apps" and download the FREE app called "Relax Lite". There are several for different types of relaxation. I have them all! Even if you don't have an Ipod you can find relaxations music/programs that you can download onto an mp3 player or purchase and listen to using a CD player. It is a MUST however, that you use headphones. These keep the outside world out!

Then every afternoon or when ever during your day that you can give yourself at least 30 minutes undisturbed, listen to the program. You will be amazed at the change you will see in yourself. Do this for 21 days and it will become a habit! A good habit to have, taking care of you for a change.

You will see the changes in small ways at first. One will be that you begin to guard that "me time" and not allow intrusions into it. You'll notice that you "need" to see things a little neater in your personal spaces. This will begin to spill over into your car, job site and yep, your home. Now I'm not going to go as far as a GUARANTEE that this will occur, but it has certainly worked for me!

I notice right away that I enjoyed that "me time" so much that I began to add to it for study of the Scriptures first and then my listening time. I am thinking of trying to have a "me time" in the morning as well. My thinking is that if I start my day with a calm mind, maybe it will carry me all the way through!



  1. Hi Kat. I really enjoyed this post.

    Where did you find that image? Talk about a perfect one to describe mental clutter!

  2. Thanks Suzanne! I found it at Photobucket. I loved it too. It just "spoke" to me. lol!

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