Thursday, June 24, 2010

Terrific Thursday!

Thursday is an odd day to me. I don't know whether to be glad that we're over the "hump day" of Wednesday or dreading Thursday because it is usually a long hard day.

Usually a busy day because my clients like me to come on Thursday and Friday's so they have a nice neat house for the weekend. But well, there is only so much time in the day and only so much of me to go around!

Something came to me this morning as I was doing my "Swish about". The cleaner that I use doesn't have a strong smell because I use natural products like vinegar and water. I do sometimes use Clorox, but I mix it well with water and make sure not to over do it because I get such a terrible headache when I use it alot. The end result is that my whole house doesn't smell like a bleach factory or a flower garden. You see, clean and I mean really clean, doesn't have a smell.

When you clean your home using products that you purchase at the store, you get clean, it's true, but you also get harsh chemicals that can do damage. They can cause damage to some surfaces in your home and they can cause damage to your family should there be residue left on the surfaces you use them on.

There are many websites that you can look at that will give you the recipes for making your own natural or very close to natural cleaning products. The ones you make yourself will save you quite a bit of money in the long run too. You can buy a bottle of white vinegar, water is "free", and if you have to have a color and fragrance you can use natural oils and food coloring.

So, do yourself and your family a loving favor and try to use these homemade cleaning products for at least a month and see if you don't agree with me that you like them better than the high priced cleaning products you get at the store.

Now go out and make this day yours!


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