Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Weeks In!

I'm two weeks into my "KNF" lifestyle!  If you've been following me, you'll know that "KNF" stands for "Kat's New Frontier".  It's a new day, a new way and a new mindset!

Wheat is a leech!  It will show up in the craziest places!  Places you'd never dream of.  Even in trace amounts it does its evil deeds.  It causes us to crave more and more.  Much akin to an opiate drug like heroin or meth.  Once ingested it creates a need for more.  It creates cravings for starches.  Believe me, I know this to be true.  

The interesting thing is, much like the drugs I listed above, if you've been off of wheat for anytime at all and ingest something with it in it, the reaction is immediate!  You will find yourself going to the kitchen looking for that "something" to snack on!  I did it, I know this to be true.  But, I was able to resist the urge and get right back on the right track.  

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I quit smoking on November 21, 1987.  That wasn't easy, but it was no where near as hard as this has been.  The first week I was enjoying the fact that the cravings hadn't really begun, I suppose my momentum was greater then.

As the week began last Monday, I found myself thinking about foods that I would no longer be able to eat.  It was that old, devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.  Cliche I know but there it is.

This was a battle that went on for a couple of days.  I honestly felt like I was being targeted by demons sent to address the problem of someone that was kicking back.  But, with the help of God's love, Angels guarding and Prayer, I made it through that issue and have had no more real problems.  

Sunday was a test!  It was our Annual Congregational Meeting and following that was a Pot Luck Dinner.  I was very nervous!  That had the possibility of a field of land mines!  
If you know me at all you'll know that I am a carb junkie of the worst order.  Cakes, cookies and pasta were tops on my list of favorite things.  Especially the homemade kind.  Sigh…….
So, I cooked two lovely beef roasts, Green Beans and took them.  I figured that if nothing at all I could eat what I brought knowing I'd be okay.  

The ladies of Mount Pilgrim didn't fail in their usual lovely dishes.  Pasta, cookies, pies, cakes abounded.  BUT, I was able to avoid those dishes and had a helping of my roast beef, green beans and several other items that I know had no hidden torpedoes in them in the form of the dreaded Wheat.  

I didn't have any of the homemade Key Lime Cake, although the smell was heavenly, I avoided the pumpkin pie and it is one of my favorite things.  I did have some sweet potato soufflé for my dessert.  It was lovely!  

I was dreading my first Pot Luck Dinner for the obvious reasons and with the help of my Father God and His crew, I did great!  The scale told the story yesterday morning as I showed a loss of 1 1/2 lbs!  Whoooo Hooooo!

One other thing I have noticed is I'm beginning to WANT to exercise!  I am getting restless.  Up to recently, I was totally content to snooze in my recliner and now know that my blood sugar level was the main reason for that.  Not the case now!!  

This morning my BGL was …… 101!!!  Yeah!!!!!!  So excited for this benefit of going wheat~less!!

If you are at all considering trying this life style, I whole heartedly recommend it!!  There is nothing to buy, you don't even have to buy Dr. William Davis' book if you don't want to, although I do believe it has helped me to understand the real magnitude of just what the food industry is doing to us in the name of the almighty dollar bill.  Simply stop eating ANYTHING with ANY wheat in it and increase your intake of WHOLE foods.  That is all.  

There are no vitamins or supplements to buy, no meetings to go to, no energy boosters to drink, no new kitchen appliances to purchase and best of all there WILL be new clothes to purchase cos you WILL lose weight as a by product of this new lifestyle of eating!  Your family and you will be healthier.  Your personal expense will drop as you drop meds due to being healthier.  

Go to the link below and print out this great sheet that details the HIDDEN NAMES OF WHEAT.  Cut it in half, the sheet has two copies on it and post it on your fridge.  Be sure to carry a copy in your grocery shopping list book so you can refer to it when doing your shopping.

I will be giving my finds to you here of the wonders of wheat~less eating.  I have found a great deal of goodies to help me and my husband as we travel down this new learning path.

I'll be checking in soon!

Praying God's Blessings to you all!


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