Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fake Food…..it's killing us!!!

Good morning!!! 

Yesterday was the first full week of KNF. "Kat's New Frontier". lol…That's what I'm calling my "new lifestyle". But you know what, it isn't new. It's very old. But, I digress, let me get back to my real subject for this post.

I just am so excited about this and now I'd like to share some things with you.  

I am not about to tell you that it has been an easy week.  I've had my moments, but with God's help as well as my sweet husband's support, I've made it through!  There are so many things that we eat, just popping them into our mouths without a thought of what the end result might be.  Immediate gratification is our goal as a rule and that is our downfall!  There are so many chemicals and genetically changed ingredients in our so called "food" that I have renamed processed food, "Fake Food".  

After watching a story about a man that found a McDonald's hamburger in a coat pocket that had hung in his closet several years (I think it was something like 10 years), and finding it (along with the receipt with the date on it) had not changed at all, I decided that I just couldn't be eating that stuff!  That was 2 years ago, I've not had a meal from McDonald's since January 2012.  In fact, fast food isn't something my husband or I eat a lot of these days.  

That was the beginning of my journey to a better me.  It's taking a minute (2 years to date) and the journey will never end until I go home, but this half of my journey will be infinitely better than the first half because of these changes.

There are so many benefits to my health and generally well being that I've discovered since going wheat less.  Below are just a few:

After 1 week of going "Wheatless":

1. BSL (Blood Sugar Level): Down from 200's average to 120
average at morning.
2. Sleeping: Through the night, no issues with going to sleep. No
more falling asleep if I sit down for more than a few minutes.
3. Energy level: Much improved
4. Mind Fog: GONE
AND last by not least by any means:
5. Weight loss: 7 lbs!

Do I see this as the "magic bullet" that we are all looking for?  No.  There is no such thing.  Stop looking for it folks.  Is this the cure for all my problems?  Maybe not, this is definitely a great starting place though.  

I've read Dr. Davis' book and will read it again.  I have it on my Kindle (one of my most favorite "things" in this world) and take it with me everywhere.  I've downloaded one of the cookbooks and might download the other, we'll see.

My grocery shopping list is much different these days, no cookies, candies, processed foods like sandwich meats and the like.  No breads, pasta, or frozen pizza's.  The money I spent on those things is now going to purchase fresh foods like, meats, fish, veggies and fruits.  So there goes the, "I can't afford to eat healthy" excuse.  I have found absolutely NO difference in my grocery bill price wise.  I do find that I'm not buying antacids, pain relievers and such as that.

I pray God's Blessings and His Angels around you and yours as you walk through your day!

Blessings~ Kat

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