Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It continues!

I'm on a rollllll!!!!

Today's declutter items brought to you by: 365 Declutter Challenge 2011!

1. Magazines. Most given to me by clients, they decluttered and I cluttered...sheesh! Dropped into the recycle bin in town on my way through to the doctor's office.

2. Junk mail that somehow avoided the trash on the way in and made it to my office only to lay on my desk for 2 weeks.

I'm being totally honest here, this decluttering is very satisfying. It gives me a large boost of energy to see it in print the things that have moved out of my home. Then when I look around, even the smallest item gone seems to make so much more room. Try it! We all know how good the feeling of accomplishment is and how it energizes us to do even more.

Now for another announcement. I'm also doing a personal declutter. It consists of bad habits, weight, tiredness, grouchiness (is that a word?), and best of all the hope that I can declutter all these meds I'm on! Yea! That is a true goal.

Won't you join me?

I'm doing the personal declutter one small goal at a time. Goal #1: Get my rest. This involves getting off the computer, out of the TV and getting into bed at a decent time. I'm needing my rest to do my best the next day, to give my clients my all which is what they are paying me for. I've been working on this goal off and on, but now with God's help, I'm going to reach it and sustain it.

Psalms 127:2:

It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. KJV

Now with my weight and health so out of control, I don't even rest well when I can. So, one thing leads to another. If I start with the basics, God and His word, I can with this fight, but only with His leading.

So, go out and make this day yours, but ALL for His Glory!


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