Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm not a good patient.....


I am sick and tired of being sick! I do feel better this afternoon. I can tell I'm coming out of it cos I'm getting antsy. Whew, glad this is on it's way out. Tummy virus' are the pits!

I haven't felt like doing anything much today, home from work and feeling yucky, but now as I look around I'm beginning to see things that want attending to. For example, I'm folding laundry and I notice that some of the towels are getting a little holey. Hummm.......yep, I have a solution. I'm going to go through all the linens and those that don't pass muster will be donated to the animal shelter.

The only problem with going throught the towels is that it prompts me to go through the linen closet and see how the sheets are doing. I'm a little OCD about sheet sets. I don't just fold them. Oh, no! I make little packages out of them.

I take the fitted sheet and fold it neatly and tightly. Then the top sheet I fold into a strip and roll the fitted sheet up in it. As I roll I put one of the pillow sheets inside the roll. Then I take the remaining pillow sheet and put the roll into it. Fold it up on itself and tada! You have a very neatly all together sheet set. Which in turn makes your linen closet very easy to navigate when looking for a sheet set on changing day. Especially if like us, you have several different bed sizes.

365 Declutter Challenge 2011 additions:

1. Several Holey towels (not too holey, but enough)
2. 2 flat sheets without mates and 1 fitted sheet without a mate.
3. 2 sets of curtains that I KNOW I will never hang.

Now go out and make this day yours (I know I'm late posting this....) but ALL for HIS glory!


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  1. I hope you feel better....I took 3 bags to goodwill and was so proud of myself UNTIL I remembered just how much stuff came INTO the house the month of December. Oh well, I will get organized or die trying.