Friday, November 5, 2010

Small appliances....big issues!

Good morning all!

I was working yesterday at a new client's home and ran across my subject for today. Small kitchen appliances and how "dirty" they can get in their day to day use. The most common culprit is..... the electric can opener.

Be honest...when was the last time you removed the blade assembly and either tossed it into the dishwasher or dropped it into the dish water and gave it a cleaning?
I'd bet it has been awhile.

Now, now, don't fret. You are not a dirty person, you are the norm. We all use these kitchen helpers everyday and quite often they are given a "lick and a prayer" cleaning. Then they're pushed back on the counter or tossed into the drawer without a second thought. This my friends is dangerous!

I ran across an electric can opener blade that told this story. It was coated in food, the wheel wasn't turning properly and this caused the owner to think the machine was broken. Not true. When I finished with it, it was working like new.

This is dangerous on so many levels and is very common in home kitchens and frankly I'd be willing to bet in many commercial kitchens. The food on the blade gathers and grows dangerous germs and attracts pests. The food you are opening with this blade is then contaminated with the old food causing you and your family to possibly become ill. All the while not realizing where the cause is coming from.

All that being said, I never point out a problem unless I can offer a solution! If you follow the simple guidelines for keeping this useful kitchen helper clean
it will give you years of service as well as help in keeping your family well.

1. As with any electric appliance, remember to unplug it from the wall outlet
before cleaning.

2. NEVER immerse the case in water.

3. Try to remember to wipe the can opener after each use to remove food spills or

4. Remove the cutting wheel and lid holder and soak them in hot sudsy water.

5. Scrub caked-on food with a toothbrush or small brush. Take care to avoid the
blade! It is sharp! Rinse, dry, and put the blade assembly back onto the case.

6. May I suggest that you add the blade assembly to your top rack of the
dishwasher? This is how I keep my can opener blade clean and sanitary. After
all it is part of your tools in your kitchen, you don't just shove the spoons
and spatulas back into the you?

So, follow these guidelines and let's keep our kitchen healthy as well as our families!

Tomorrow's subject.....Dr. Oz and the shock treatment! (I know, shameless tease!)


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