Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting it together

Well, I've made good progress on my scrap booking room. I have been reconstructing it for some time now. A dear friend reminded me that we needed to get our respective rooms back together and well, to be to the point, my room was a mess!

I'd moved all my supplies and storage units up from the basement. They were scattered all over the tiny front bedroom that was to become my office/scrap booking room. I had a corner desk unit that had a large table to the side. A stacking unit and some photo boxes. To top it off I had an antique dresser with mirror and antique sewing machine in the room as well. Needless to say it was stuffed! There were supplies, office materials, files and just stuff in general tossed into this room and left. It seemed that if an item had no real home, it found one in that room.

So, I've been organizing and purging. You simply cannot organize clutter and believe me that room was full of clutter!

I honestly believe if I hadn't started this "renewed" project (Thank you dear Cheryl!) I'd be up to in clutter and junk!

It is a work in progress, Cheryl and I agreed to do 30 minutes a day. However, I sort of got of track when I injured my hip last week. But last night I worked 30 minutes. Tonight I work 30 more. And hopefully no later than next Monday, I will be launching the first scrapbook page done in this house for some time!

I will post before and after photos when I am finished. Even though I will be very embarrassed to do so!


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