Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Target!

Finished! With my scrapbooking room that is.

The first three photos are the finished product and the last photo is where I started from. I call the folder that these photos live in "The Room Of Shame". I'm not proud of the mess, but I am proud of the finished product.

I don't have Ikea storage items, and can't afford them, but I do okay with what I have around the house. The stacking unit is a recycle item from an office and works great for my scrapbooking supplies and Ebay shipping items.

My Scrapbooking/Office room is a multi use room with many sides to it's personality. Like me, it must wear many hats.

I use it for working on my scrapbooking hobby, for office work in my dual business, CMA Treasurer business, my blogging and my ebay sales. So, the potential for clutter to build up again is great.

To try and avoid this I've turned the room into zones. The two level desk is my "work" zone. Used for CMA business, cleaning business and Real Estate Management business. The long table side is used for my Ebay shipping prep table and my scrapbooking table. The corner unit is storage for my many scrapbooking aids and my ebay shipping supplies.

So far, it is working great. Of course it has only been in use as is for twenty four hours! We will see how it goes.

Now on to the balance of my home.

I am working to again declutter and lighten my load in our home. There are so many things that have crept in, that we don't need, can't use or rather won't use and someone else can benefit from it more.

Today I will be working on my kitchen. One side at a time and one day at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day and my home isn't going to be decluttered in a day either, but I will continue to fight against this clutter monster that threatens me and defeat it!

Now, go out and claim this day as yours~

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