Monday, November 8, 2010

Scare Tactics?

It is just me? Does anyone else out there feel that shows like Dr. Oz, to name the one that I've seen it on, are using scare tactics cloaked in so called helpful information to get you to watch their shows?

Point of fact, I was talking with my mother recently and found out that she no longer could eat peanut butter. Not because of some allergy or even because of the high fat content, but because of a Dr. Oz show that she'd seen.

It seems that Dr. Oz and a guest were discussing the additional items often found in our processed foods that shouldn't be there. I won't go into detail about what was found to be in peanut butter that they discussed but if you knew how much my mother loved the stuff and that now she won't even talk about it with out shuddering, you'd see why I'm not happy with Dr. Oz.

Even just a simple rearrangement of the segment to give the solution and then state why it would be a better thing, would be more helpful. Less shock value for the rating guys but more helpful.

I asked Mom if they'd offered a solution to the problem and she said they hadn't. Not even a solution saying to make your own at home? She didn't remember it if they had, she'd been so freaked out by the inital disclosure.

This is my main gripe! I'm not saying Dr. Oz doesn't do a good thing. He brings many health issues to the attention of the viewer, but here again they are getting off track. I've noticed it and have stopped watching the show. Not to mention the silly women they have come down from the audience to be the "assistant". I know they pick them like they do the "Price Is Right" contestants, for off track there myself for a minute.

Back to the subject.

They come out with these horror stories and then they don't have a solution to the problem. Not even a suggestion! For the love of mike, they are not making it better, they are causing fear and reaction.

So, Dr. Oz and all you other so called helpful shows, how about really being helpful and not showing these "reports" without some back up as to how to fix the problem. Even a personal solution that is helpful not out of reach of the average home's budget.

Buying roasted peanuts and making your own peanut butter is a solution, a high priced one but at least that would have helped my Mom to have her favorite food back. I found a use for an old coffee mill. Single serving peanut butter, fun to make and even better for you to eat!



  1. These days EVERYTHING out there is bad for you except maybe water, ugh!

  2. So, scare tactics are not just for drugs anymore! BTW, my city water is not good for me, so we have a water filter on our kitchen faucet.

  3. I shared this with my husband, and he suggested that the woman in the story could go to her local health food store and watch them make it so she could see what they put into it."