Thursday, August 26, 2010

High Tea Anyone?

A little back ground....

1662 - The British started their tea drinking in 1662, when King Charles II's wife, Queen Catherine made tea very popular among the wealthier classes of society. Soon, tea replaced ale as the national drink, as everyone tried to mimic high society. Tea drinking remains as a popular activity in England up to this day, as the English are particularly known for their afternoon tea (taken in the late afternoon with scones, pastries and cakes capped by a cup or two of tea).

I am hosting a "High Tea" for our Blessed Rider's Chapter Ladies. I'm so excited! It promises to be a wonderful time. I've set the date and begun my research.

I got the idea when I purchased 4 beautiful vintage tea cups with saucers and serving plates at an estate sale last week. ( See the picture? Aren't they lovely? I fell in love when I saw them.)
Then it became obvious that I should plan one when we attended the CMA State Rally and what do you think? The ladies served us a beautiful tea at 3:00 pm that Saturday. It was great! We all had a chance to get together and chat with other ladies from different chapters as well as getting to know our sisters in our own.

So, this blog will be "host" to my thoughts and ideas for the upcoming event! Now, those that know me will be amused at this "High Tea" theme as I'm so not a girly, girl. But, hey, there's always room for change, right?


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