Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rule Violation? Just a tiny one.....

I did it. I violated my own rule. Last blog post I told you I was going to start in the Master Bedroom and begin to declutter drawers and cabinets. Well, I did that, it felt wonderful!

This afternoon when I returned home from work, I found myself searching for a USB cord that would fit my Palm Treo Pro so that I could download a precious photo of my nephew that I'd received from my brother. In my laundry room, I have no clue as to why it's there, is a three drawer stacking organizer. In the bottom drawer is all sorts of cords, USB thingy's that come with electronic stuff, extension cords and such. It was such a tangle that I couldn't find anything let alone the type of cord I was searching for, and before I knew it, I'd gone to my office and grabbed the rubber band pouch, taken every cord out, wrapped it and banded it. I also threw into a recycle box seventeen chargers and car chargers for Nextel phones, mystery screws, and power cords to electronic items long gone.

Now, I know I said to limit the process to one a day, but before I knew it I'd "decluttered" and organized the remaining two drawers and returned it to the laundry room! Sigh.......I'm so bad. NOT! That felt wonderful and I ain't lying!

Last year I was a participant on a forum in a "Declutter Challenge". We were asked to keep up with the weight of the items we moved out and on. I finished the year out at 632 pounds of stuff!

I've decided to do that with this challenge! It makes it fun to keep up with and gives me motivation. So, I'm up to Sixteen pounds! Man those cords are heavy! I'm finding it interesting that after last years challenge, I still can find so much that needs to move on. Oh well, more fun to come! Won't you join me?


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