Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's all in how you look at it.............

Clutter. It is a visual thing as much as a physical one. When you walk into a room is every flat surface covered with nick-knacks and whats-its, books and papers? Things stacked all over can make a room feel and look messy, scattered and well, claustrophobic.

Try to invest in a cabinet to keep your Nick-knack's in and even then keep only the ones that you love and bring you great pleasure. Don't keep things like that because "Sister So-in-So" gave it to you. The memory of her/him will stay, the clutter will go.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the flat surfaces clear as much as possible. Depending on table size, keep the number of items to no more than three or five. An odd number is best.

Books....ah the wonder of books. I adore them. I have hundreds. They are a problem now. I've been slowly but surely paring them down to the must stays, but it is hard! I keep telling myself that I can get it on my ipod or even check it out from my local library should I really decide to read it again. I have only read a few books for a second time. The Parsifal Mosaic (1982), by Robert Ludlum and the Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye. So, you'd think I'd not have a book problem wouldn't you? Well, I do. In addition to my many different translations of the Holy Bible and commentaries, I have organizing books, cook books, a stack of "to read" books, pattern books for cross stitching and self help books. So many books....so little time. They are stacked here and there. Sound familiar? Now is the time to begin a new habit!

Select a place where you like to sit and read. Invest in a medium sized basket and keep your current and future books in. Be realistic, no more than four books at a time or six magazines at a time. Make sure the basket is large enough to also house your reading glasses, should you be like me and need cheaters now, a throw to snuggle with as you read and a note pad and pen for notes. Keep it on the floor beside your chair or favorite spot on the sofa. Place a pretty pillow on the seat and now you have a lovely reading area. I'm assuming that you already have good lighting! Go through the basket once a month and keep the media moving, don't allow it to stay more than 21 days, if you've not read it by then, you are probably aren't going to read it.

I took a photo of my table in the living room, it now is a place that pleases the eye, rather than reproaches me every time I walk into the room.

God Bless~

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