Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello! I'm sorry I'm not posting as often as I should. My computer is going to the "computer hospital" for some much needed service. I will begin posting again as soon as it comes home. Poor thing, shutting down and rebooting continuously is making it crazy and me too!

For now, remember me and my electronic needs in your prayers and I will return soon!

Today's Tip: Treat your well. Find 30 minutes in your day for yourself. Be selfish and make sure that you are undisturbed by anyone or anything. Turn off the cell phone, take the house phone off the hook or turn on the answering machine. Turn on some pleasant music and dance around the living room, read a chapter in a good book, make yourself a cup of flavored coffee (this is my personal favorite) adding a pouch of hot chocolate to it and sit on the deck or front porch (weather permitting) and meditate on what ever is on your mind. I generally find my self just listening to bird song.

God Bless~

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