Thursday, February 4, 2010

Computer Clutter?

Did you know your computer can be cluttered? Well, it can. Believe me! Now make no mistake about it....I'm a blog junkie. I read many blogs, of all sorts of topics every day. You learn so very much from blog,helpful hints, what not to do about lots of different things and what to do about others.

There is the problem. I read way to many and have even more bookmarked that I read only sometimes. See there is the clutter! I made a decision to clean up all the clutter on my computer and found all sorts of extra time. With my extra time I decided to use studying the scriptures. We have a Tuesday Night Bible Study and the extra study has proved very beneficial.

I highly recommend you open your web browser and go into the bookmarks or favorites menu. What I did was create a couple of new folders. One I labeled "Daily Read Blogs", and another one I labeled, "Blogs on Trial". Then I went through my orignal "Blog" folder and began, one by one, going to the blog and asking myself these questions.
1. When was the last time I visited this blog?
2. How much can I learn from this blog?
3. How often is this blog updated? (tip, if updated daily, chances are I'll read it daily)

So, go to it! You'll be very suprised how much satisfaction you'll get from it, not to mention how much more productive your computer time will be.

Todays Tip: Febreeze is a good thing, but don't over do it! Light spritzes are better than a heavy soaking.


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