Friday, January 29, 2010

Pet Love.......can get hairy!

This past Christmas our Miss Kitty was taken with the lights on our Christmas tree. Her favorite thing to do was get underneath and look up into the tree.

Cats, dogs and assorted other critters that we all love can cause some pretty hairy issues in our homes. No one loves their fur-babies more than I love mine, all that white and gray fur! One request I get from my clients is about critter fur and can I help them get it under control. It gets on the sofas, although poopsie isn't allowed on the sofa, on chairs, in the carpet and yep, even on the curtains. Critter fur floats and during the winter when static electricity is present, it clings to everything.

How do I get rid of it, you ask? You don't, unless you get rid of the critter that is loosing it, and we all know you ain't gonna do that. So the answer is, in a word, Control. To do this you're gonna have to do a little extra.

Most homes can get away with one to two vacuums a week, and every other day sweeping the hard floors. But when you have a critter or critters in the home, that is not the case. You're gonna have to vacuum and sweep daily, unless you can learn to live with the floating fur.

For your sofas and other soft surfaces you can vacuum. If that isn't getting all the hair, you can use a lint roller. Should you be an el-cheapo like me, you can use a slightly dampened soft cloth and rub the area lightly in a circular motion to remove the hair. I use a light spray of Fabreeze to wet my cloth, it helps with odor reduction too. Be sure to get down in the creases in the cushions and underneath the cushions.

Todays Tip: When giving your sofa and chairs a good vacuuming, remember to remove and do both sides of the seat cushions and use your crevice tool to get in all the corners of the bottom of the sofa. If you're worried about what you might catch in the vacuum, put a nylon knee high over the crevice tool to catch anything of a size.

Till tomorrow....God Bless~

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