Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mama said, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." ..or lack thereof.

Good Morning!

I hope this finds all of you doing wonderful this morning. My study was about how people responded to John the Baptist. Remember how strange he acted and looked to them? Many of them responded to the exterior, not the message that he brought.

It seems that I must be having some difficulty in that area as examples of why we shouldn't are brought to my attention almost on a daily basis recently. God seems to be reminding me of this "beam in my eye". I don't realize I'm doing it.....maybe that is why it is being brought to my attention?

Recently, Doug and a fellow chapter member were confronted by a woman in a small country store recently while out on a charity ride. She found their appearence offensive and told them so in a very harsh manner. Keep in mind that Doug and his riding buddy were dressed in black leather with lots of pins and patches on their vest. Black riding gloves and heavy boots. Doug has a long ponytail. Both wore doorags/hats after removing their helmets. They were dressed for riding not impressing.

Doug or his riding companion, didn't take the low road and go right back at her as some of us might have done. Doug listened in a polite manner to her and then simply asked her what would she have done if John the Baptist had come to visit "her" church. Then he asked God's blessing on her and turned away to leave. Further down the road, he and his riding companion pulled over and prayed for this lady and her "blindness".

Then yesterday during my study time I'd finished my Bible reading and picked up my CMA Heartbeat Magazine. What should be in this months issue but an article about a man that had misjudged a biker by how he looked and not what was inside. You see, he looked like Doug and is companion! Bikers have that "look", sort of scary and unpredictable.

Oh to be "read" correctly and by our actions rather than the way the "world" reads us, by our designer clothes, our bank accounts or the car we drive.

Father God, please help me to keep my eyes on You in the people I meet and serve! Do not allow me to revert to my flesh and judge people buy the surface or my standards.

In His service by His Grace~


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