Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peter! Get outta the boat!

My goodness! It has been a month since I posted! I do apologise for being so neglectful. It has been a busy beginning to this year for our family. Doug and I are working with our CMA Chapter both in officer capacity and that takes a great deal of our time. We also both work multiple jobs and that also is a time eater.

Today is Sunday, February the 6th and on this date 35 years ago Doug asked me to marry him. I'm so very glad that I said yes! We have had a wonderful life together and have been so very blessed by God. We look forward to many more years to come.

Doug brought the message for morning worship at North Coweta Baptist Church near Palmetto. He spoke about Peter and the night that Jesus walked out to the boat that Peter and the other disciples were in, riding out a bad storm. They didn't recognize Jesus and were very afraid when they saw Him. Peter wanted to go to Jesus but was afraid, calling out to Jesus he asked Jesus to let him walk to Him and Jesus said simply: "Come". Doug also talked about the prayer of Jabez and how the main 4 elements of the prayer works with the story of Peter and Jesus in the sea.

This message spoke volumes to me about how to react to a call from Jesus. Never say No! Always say "Yes Lord!" Think about it, how must the disciple's left in the boat must have felt. You just have to know that they wished that they'd also stepped out of that boat and went to Jesus. Jesus will never send you to do something that He doesn't well equip you for. He will never send you into unarmed, but you have the responsibility to put that armour on just like Peter had to ask Jesus for His hand.

Working in the CMA, going to motorcycle rallies and out into the biking world can be a scary thing if you are not working on faith. You have to ask Jesus for His hand, step off of the boat and wade out! This is true for any mission, you are going to be working in. When Jesus calls, answer! You will never be sorry you did, but I can promise you will be sorry if you don't.

Now go out and make your walk and work all for His glory!

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