Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sam Story by Sam's Aunt Kat

Happy Valentine’s Day Jesus!

My nephew Sam is 5 years old and one of the most prolific children I’ve ever known in my life in the ability to make you laugh AND cry.

Feb. 14th, 2011 Sam got a balloon for Valentine’s Day. He brought it home and kept it until late that afternoon. Sam went outside and as he passes his Daddy on the porch, Daddy reminded Sam that if he turned loose of the balloon it would fly away. Sam responded, “I know Daddy.”, and went on his way.
The next thing Sam’s Daddy saw was that balloon floating upwards and Sam standing on the grass watching it float away. “Son, I told you that the balloon would be gone if you turned loose of it!” Sam said, “I know Daddy! I’m giving it to Jesus and God.” Sam’s Daddy watched as Sam looked up into the evening sky and shouted, “Happy Valentine’s Day Jesus and God!”
Sam’s Daddy had to go inside…..


Great Granpa Phillips' Nightstand!

Then there is the Sunday afternoon that Sam and his family was at his Grandmother’s house. Sam’s Great Grandfather had passed away a year or so ago and there were some of his furnishings stored in the barn. Sam’s Mommy asked Sam’s Grandmother if she could have a night stand that was Great Grandfather’s.
They brought the nightstand home and as they were cleaning it up on the front porch, Sam’s Mommy told Sam that it belonged to his Great Grandfather and Sam replied, “Yeah, I know Mama. Look Granddaddy is pulling back the clouds and lookin’ down saying, “Look at that Jesus! Ole Sam is using my old nightstand!”
Sam’s Mommy had to go inside……….

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  1. Sweetness of a child... love it Kat,
    Lisa S.