Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cleaning~Decluttering~and more..........

It's On! I'm working my heart out today. When I got out of bed this morning I had a mission in mind. I was going to clear out the antique clothing cabinet in my bedroom. It is full of clothes that I cannot wear...we won't go into why.

So up and onward I went. The alarm went off at 6:30 am but I'd been lying in the bed awake since 5:15 am. I wake every morning the Lord sends at that time, regardless of what day it is. I was meditating on my mission. I had a list in my head of what I wanted to accomplish before bedtime tonight and I am delighted to announce that I'm a little over half way through my mental list.

But......(you knew there would be one of those didn't you, dear reader?) as I sometimes say, the devil is in the details. I went downstairs this morning and what did I find? No, not a good thing....water. Yes, water, going all over the area surrounding the hot water heater from the pipe above it. Sigh...........So I had to turn off the hot water and move some things there to keep damage from happening. Job done, Hubby will fix the pipe when he gets home. Laundry and dishes will have to wait as well, need some hot water for those.

Okay! Back on track! I've loaded 3 large plastic bags full of clothing and various items to go to the Women's Shelter into the back of my van. They will be delivered tomorrow. Yes, I know it is Sunday but they take donations everyday of the week and I'll be in Atlanta anyway.

I'm on track for the day....until.....I came into my office to look for something after a phone call and happened to look at a plastic bag my dear eldest daughter gave me. Inside was the coolest thing ever and something I'd been wanting for a long time. A Cricut!!!! (a very cool shape cutter as a scrapper would know) Yes and a brand new one at that! I'm doing the happy dance right now! It even has the "George & Basic Shapes" font cartridge with it! Yippee!!!!

I'm now going to put on my "to do" list for the Ladies High Tea, to look for cute invites to send to the ladies! What fun!

I hope that this day is being made yours and you are taking control of those clutter bugs in your home and life!

(skipping back to the master bedroom to complete her mental to do list for today)

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