Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Holidays! Are they....really?

Holidays. Some I can totally do without. The Fourth of July isn't one of them. I love the fireworks, the patriotic music, the Twilight Zone Marathon on SciFi and the cookouts. I enjoy gathering together with my family, the fun that ensues.

I read and hear others talk about their relatives living several states even on other continents away and wonder how they do it. I would go stir crazy without my family near by. There are even those that I hear say that they can go without ever seeing their family members again. That I don't understand. But I'm sure they have their reasons. Thankfully, that isn't the situation in our family.

However, there is a "delicate" situation in our family. We have the "D.I.V.O.R.C.E."(listen, do you hear Tammy Wynette singing in the back ground?) Word going on. My middle brother and his wife decided a few years back to end their marriage.

Now holidays are a minefield. So and so wasn't asked or invited to Thanksgiving dinner, then they didn't invite what's his name to share any time on Christmas. It goes back and forth, over and over. Harsh words, hurt feelings and even worse, the children are dragged into it by both mom and dad. It is the typical tug of war. And it is nasty.

There is always someone that will say, "that is their life, it shouldn't affect you." Oh Brother! It does, and will for ever. Now at every gathering, there is someone missing, because the children aren't there. There are the usual comments and questions with no answers.

Divorce destroys not just the family at the center, it destroys the entire family make up. And it stinks.

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