Friday, June 26, 2009

Accepting The Grace

Wednesday night during Bible Study, Tim spoke about holiness. During the lesson he asked a question that has gotten me to thinking. That is one of the things I love about Wednesday night Bible Study. It stimulates my curiosity and sends me seeking answers.

The question that was asked was.........

Do you or have you ever wondered if you were really "saved".

Now, honestly, I can say, yes. I've asked that question of myself more than once. Who am I questioning? God? Am I asking Him about his ability to "save" me or doubting His love for me? No, I'm honestly not. I don't doubt for a second that God can and will do anything for me, nor do I doubt His ability to wipe away my unworthiness (using the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ) and make me His own.

My question in return is: Why would He? Why did He?

I can never be worthy of the forgiveness of God for my sins. I'm worthless, a vile sinner of the worst sort. Paul had nothing on me. I can't even say I'm going to try, because I know going in that I'll fail. It's that flesh thing. It just keeps on fighting me and won't give in.

I am living day by day under the Grace of the gift of Jesus Christ and I know that because of this gift, I'm forgiven. This in turn causes me to seek God's Word to learn more, use God's Word to make a change in my life and hopefully other people's lives.

This is where the fruit of the spirit comes in. Thing is, if you have to tell people about your fruit, is it really fruit or you tooting your own horn? If you have the Holy Spirit within you, the fruit is going to emerge, no doubt about it. If you are "producing" fruit for your own gain or gratification, the fruit will be useless as it won't bless others beyond a moment. It won't last. The real stuff won't have to be a big deal, a right word at the right time, a touch in times of sorrow, giving beyond the immediate need, these will last and go in to bless others.

You see how one question leads to another, one point makes another point. For all answers to all questions with regard to God's love of you and me, go to His Word. You'll find your answers, in His time.

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