Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Below you will see an example of the "letter" I emailed to International Foods regarding their product, International Delights Coffee Creamer. The top of the thing makes me crazy! So, after getting splattered yet again this morning, I decided to write and complain.

Now, I don't believe a person should complain (well, not to hard) unless they have a viable solution to the problem. I know that probably isn't a popular belief, but hey, I'm a Christian and that ain't popular either these days but it show's I'm not afraid of a fight. LOL~!

Anyway, I just wanted to blow off some steam I guess, sometimes the small things are what set us off, or can be the "straw that broke the camel's back"!

BTW: I put the picture here to show you, they don't allow attachements in their email.......

I have a suggestion regarding the top pour spout on the creamer bottle.

1. Problem: When you open the creamer, the product splashes out, due to pressure build up. It splatters all over and usually gets me.

Suggestion: A flip top would be a better substitute and stop this problem as the pressure would be released upon the inital opening and any "splatter" will be contained by the top.

2. Problem: The type of top/spout that is currently used, allows trickle down of the product. I would have attached a photo to show this example had the option existed here. The photo shows a bottle that I opened this morning. The product even though sugarless is sticky and the entire bottle winds up being sticky, along with the place the bottle is set down.

Suggestion: Again a flip top with a small spout molded into it would stop this problem.

I don't know if you've recieved complaints regarding this problem before. I do know that I love this product and have gone as far as pouring your product into your competitors container as it works much better. (Carnation) The fact that your product is better tasting, smoother, and even allows a savings of up to .60 cents is why I purchase. The top/spout isn't a deal breaker for me, however I just thought that you'd like to hear from a "user" on how you could make a great product even better.

Thank you~
Kathy Landers


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