Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A question of .............

I voted today. 

I experienced such an interesting feeling following my experience voting. 

I asked my husband Doug, "Have you ever felt like no matter which way you vote, you're sealing the fate of this country and no matter which ones of the candidates win, it isn't going to end well?"  

I am going into my prayer closet this afternoon.....I may never emerge.

This voting session is to determine the candidate for President of the United States from each party.  Republican and/or Democrat those are your choices.

With all the rhetoric and foolishness that goes along with this process, it is difficult to decide which is better.  Honestly, I'm not sure.  I hear so many different opinions on TV, the Internet, in conversations with friends and even in the gym when I'm working out there are the "loud speakers" sharing their thoughts and opinions for us all to hear.  This one says that one is a crook, the other says the other one is a liar and fraud.  This one is a bigot and is a racist.  Sigh......what a mess we are in today people!

My suggestion is we all get on our knees and pray for guidance in which way to vote this primary and in the electoral race to come in November.  

I don't like any one of them completely and it is foolish to think I would, but there is one that I feel has the honest to goodness love of this country and her people in his heart, that wants to do no harm and only the best for all and that is who I am voting for.  

I won't ask you to vote for my choice, all I do ask is that you do vote.  It is not a privilege, it is a requirement if you want the best for our country and our lives.  

Now put this phone, laptop or what ever method you might be using to read this to sleep and get to the polling station!  

Blessings y'all ~

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