Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plan your attack on that Cluttered Room!

It is an accepted fact clutter cannot be organized.

You can go and hit the organizing aisle at your favorite store and buy all sorts of bins and boxes to put your clutter into. You could even buy shelves with little cubbies and pretty baskets to put your clutter into. But all you’re going to wind up with is clutter in boxes.

The minute you turn your back, it will creep right back out of those boxes to rest upon the level spots in your room. Vacancies on the table tops will disappear, the floor will soon follow suit and the next thing you know, you’re right back where you started. Maybe even worse off!

No, my friend, it is time for a change.

Step #1: Pick a room. It can be the room that you use most often, or the least. Don’t turn this into a trial. I recommend that you start with a small room like a bathroom or even a closet.

Step #2: Gather 3 containers (boxes are best), a roll of wide masking tape, some large trash bags and a black marker. Label the boxes using the black marker: TRASH, KEEP, DONATE. I recommend mid to large boxes and line them with the large trash bags. Put the marker and roll of tape aside, we will use them again later.

Step #3: Put the labeled boxes into the center of the room or an easy to reach location. Now give the room a glance over and do a quick toss out. This means grab a trash bag (I like the plastic bags from the grocery store, they work well for a quick toss.) and hold it in one hand while you quick toss with the other. Toss anything that is apparent trash into the bag in your hand. Don’t get derailed this is not a long term exercise; you should finish within 5 minutes. Tie it off and drop it into the box labeled trash.

Step #4: Choose your starting point and begin going through the items in the furniture you’ve chosen to work in. Remember to keep it moving; don’t touch any items more than one time.
As you hold the item, ask yourself these questions:
A. Do I love it?
B. When did I use/wear it last?
C. Is it in good working/wearing condition?

If you answer No to any one of these questions move it to one of the boxes. TRASH or DONATE. In the case of DONATE, ask yourself if you would wear it/use it and if not, TRASH it!

*As you fill the bags in the collection boxes, tie them off. Put a piece of masking tape on it and write: DONATE or TRASH. Then move it out of the room to the trash cans or to the trunk of your car in the case of the DONATE bags.

Step #5: Keep moving in the manner described above until you’ve either finished the room or have reached a point that you’re tired and must stop. You should move fairly fast through the room chosen depending upon the size of the room.

HINT: If you can find a buddy to help you and you let your buddy handle the items you will find your decision making is much easier. When you touch the items you set up an emotional response, even with things that you’d never dream would have an emotional connection.

HINT: Put on some snappy music, you’ll find yourself working quicker and maybe even singing as you work.

HINT: This is NOT a marathon. It is a path to a clutter free, stress reduced home! Take enough time to do it well, but do not dwell on any one item more than 10 seconds.

Try this method for De-Cluttering and you’ll love the results!

Now go and make your nest your haven!

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  1. Ok, I'm gonna try....know where I can get one of those "buddies" you mentioned??? Good to be inspired. We MUST do lunch soon. I mean it.