Tuesday, December 14, 2010

YIkes! Root Canal!

Ok....today is d-day for that painful tooth I've been dealing with. What? You didn't know I was in pain? Well, I have been for some time and it all started with a little filling that fell out after several years. I didn't do anything about it because it wasn't hurting. Brother! Was that a mistake! Big, Big Mistake!

Now, a couple of years later, that tooth is making up for lost time. I've suffered for several weeks and finally stopped procrastinating. I went to the dentist and as a reward for my delaying, I won a root canal. Oh Joy!

Today is the day I go for this procedure that everyone has been so very kind to tell me all about. (she said with a sarcastic tone) It is like when you're going to have a baby, the closer you get, the more horror stories you hear. The agony, the pain....all the gory details.

I have never had anything done like this before so I decided to look it up. Thank you Google. I found several very informative site and as a result, I feel much less fear about what is about to happen.

Lord, let me keep this resolve!

Go out and make this day yours and all for His glory!

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