Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Humor....virtue or curse?

God has a sense of humor. A strange one to some, a common one to others. Look around you and you'll see God's sense of humor in all aspects of life. It is in ever life on this planet, every species and every type. There is nothing that escapes God's touch. Thank goodness!

God as given me a sense of humor. Again, thank goodness! I see the humor in most situations when others don't. They think me strange when I laugh at some of the scrapes I've gotten into. What they don't know is I'm laughing at me and my foolishness. Me and my haphazard way of doing things.
There are those of us that find no humor in anything. They go through life with a frown on their face, gloom and doom are their mantras. They see The End as being The End and not the true beginning. They are sad in my eyes. Miserable creatures that never feel the simple feeling of just laughing for the pure joy of it. So sad......

Well, now I've got you wondering what I'm finding to laugh at now, right? Good grief, gas prices are nuts, food is going up, there are new illnesses to worry about, the family unit is going downhill, what else? Why on earth am I smiling? Well, nothing in particular, just life, just living, just me and my kitties.

Now, go out and live the day like you won't have tomorrow to do it over. You'll see the humor in things, the simple beauty if the smile of a child, the sweet nothings in the words of someone you love. Enjoy it, God gave it to us to enjoy, don't turn down His precious gifts.


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