Monday, March 14, 2016

Getting Healthy:  How Did She Do It?

"No Change Without Challenge!"
     This is something my youngest daughter said to me one morning as we were working out at Atlanta Fitness.  We were doing "core" exercises and all I could do was complain.  Not much has changed.  I still complain and whine when I am working out.  Probably always will.  Ha!

      There are good days and bad days for an over-weight 58 year old woman when she begins her journey to health.  The good days out number the bad days and thank goodness for that or I'd have given up way yonder back in May or June 2015.  

     I began this journey with INTENTION on April 10, 2015 and I (to quote a great American singer, Tom Petty) WON'T BACK DOWN!  Intention, that word is one that means that you intend to do something, say something or create something.  It applies to me in this instance in all of those categories.  I INTEND to get healthy, I INTEND to get control of my life back from disease and pain, I INTEND tell the devil to go back to the bad world from whence he came!

     I began this part of my journey when I was up one morning, bleary eyed and had fallen back into my old habits, drinking my 2nd cup of coffee and reading Facebook.  A dear friend, Bridgette Holmes, had just posted, "All Sparked up and ready to go to work!" and was talking about how much energy she had.  So, I messaged her and asked, "What is this Spark you speak of?"  She told me about AdvoCare and their product line.  We made a date for the next day to meet for lunch at my house and she would bring a sample for me to try. 
     Oh my goodness!  Spark is an AMAZING product!!  I love it!  I tried it the next morning and that, as they say, is how it all truly began.  I called Bridgette and told her that I wanted to purchase some Spark.  A few days later, I realized that I would not just be limited to Spark, I wanted to purchase more of the AdvoCare line.  I became a Distributor as well as a user of this great product line!

     On April 9, 2015, I weighed 228 (at least that is what I "think" I weighed, never really knew for sure) and was a raging diabetic, hypertensive and had very high cholesterol levels.  I was headed for the cemetery!  I couldn't walk a mile never mind even thinking about running one!  On April 10th, I drank that first Spark and never looked back.  That isn't to say I don't have my "days" of not wanting to deal with eating correctly or working out, but they are few and far between.  

     On May 6, 2015, I ran my very first 5k!!  I weighed in at 180 that day.  You can see in the before photo just how bad I'd gotten.  In all honesty, that was not even my top weight.  I had lost about 20 pounds after that picture was taken.  The "current" photo was the day I ran the 5k. 

     With the help of God, my family (my daughters and husband, by the way, are ALL on AdvoCare products now!) and AdvoCare, I am getting to my goal!  I am getting healthy and the by products are losing weight, gaining strength and feeling good about myself again!

So, this blog is now a true testament to my journey back from horrible health to good health.  I'd love to have some company!  Won't you come along?

Blessings~ Kat